No Bones About It – Exercise Improves Bone Strength!

Exercise is an effective intervention to improve bone mineral density which decreases our risk of fractures as we get older. This is especially important for post-menopausal women and people who have been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis. However, not all exercise has the same benefit for improving bone strength.

A multicomponent exercise approach is important for bone health. An exercise routine should address:

  • Balance: Exercises to improve balance are essential to decrease your risk of falls.
  • Posture: Exercises and education to improve posture with daily activities is important to decrease stress on the skeletal system.
  • Weight-bearing endurance and aerobic activity: Cardiovascular exercise is important for heart health. Weight-bearing exercise is important for developing strength in our bones.
  • Moderate-intensity resistance training: Strength training can improve posture, decrease risk of falls, and make it easier to perform daily activities.
  • Flexibility: Specific stretching activities can improve your daily movements and decrease your risk of falls.

Exercises must be performed with proper form and spinal alignment. The therapists at MPT can help design a customized and safe exercise program for you.

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