Julie Sherry PT, CYI

Physical Therapist is not a job title for Julie. Her profession is her vocation. Her life’s work.
She pours everything she has into each client.
Whatever you expected from a physical therapy visit, this one will be different.
Some may be overwhelmed when they are expecting a quick fix of a specific body part.
That’s what the doctor wrote the prescription for…and the presenting problem…knees, shoulder, feet, neck, back…will be addressed completely.
But, not in isolation.
As a part of systemic healing.
And you won’t be exercising alone in a gym or taking a whirlpool bath after five minutes of treatment.
Most patients will become converts to her all-in approach to healing the whole system.
For those who buy in completely and do the work she recommends the impact is life changing.
Fortunately she has the prodigious energy needed to spend a full hour with as many as 8 patients a day giving 100 percent of her attention to the patient.
She sees every micro movement and is constantly designing and redesigning strategies to rebalance every muscle group and both sides of the body.
She works on posture, gait, sitting and standing with every modality known to a conventionally trained PT.
Over the years she has added modalities of treatment too numerous to explain in a bio… when she needed something extra to heal a patient.
She was an academic star.
Her summa cum laude grades and biology major could have led her to follow her father into medicine.
She decided that healing parts with drugs and surgeries was not for her.
Her goal is systemic treatment: the whole body, the mind, lifestyle changes, the unique individual who walks into her treatment room.
As a toddler, she knew that she was a body person.
She stretched and moved like a cat waking up from a nap and was exquisitely sensitive to bodily sensations.
Her training and experience for over twenty years taught her how to interpret the language of her body and teach that language to her patients.
What does the body need to adjust in any given moment?
How to exercise and stretch safely?
How to optimize every day by simply paying attention to the messages that your body is sending.
Feel the incredible energy, power, and resilience that can be gained by doing the maintenance work your body is asking you to do.
Respect and love your body. Connect it to your mind through mindfulness practice.
Be prepared to do the work, and you’ll reap the rewards.
Beyond your expectations.

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