Therapeutic Immersion


Are you suffering from pain for too long?

Are you too weak and stiff to do the things you love to do?

Is your mind/body/machine complex limiting you from living your best life?

Do you feel like you have tried it all and are ready to give up and accept a limited version of yourself?

When your mind/body/machine complex has been set in its ways of pain and restriction, it can feel like you’re trapped in this “new normal.” At MPT, we believe that pain and tightness should not be normalized. The way to unlock restriction is to take an all-in intensive approach. Take a vacation from the pain and restriction in your day to day life and focus your intent and energy on a week or 2 of holistic wellness with the support of a professional team.

Are you ready to take an active role in your wellness with an immersion program that will allow you to live your best life?

Our Therapeutic Immersion program harnesses the power of our Human Touch Physical Therapy (HTPT) trained team to provide you with a deep dive to kickstart your wellness.

Therapeutic Immersion is a customized 1 or 2 week program where patients receive:

  • Phone/Zoom initial consultation and program onboarding 
  • Initial Evaluation and custom Goal Planning with HTPT therapy team
  • 15 hours of treatment with HTPT therapy team per week, hours will be allocated according to your custom plan
  • Custom Self Care and Home Program Instruction
  • Follow up Phone/Zoom Consultation 1-2 weeks after program ends


Today is the day you can take charge of your health and wellness in an active holistic manner. Get ready to take the first step towards balanced wellness and living your best life that you deserve.

Call our Therapeutic Immersion Coordinator at 646-490-7076.