The therapists at MPT incorporate Pilates and Yoga into their custom exercise programs for patients.

Five benefits of incorporating Pilates and Yoga exercises in rehab include:

1.) Exercises can be easily modified to any level and all ages. Your therapist can help design an individualized exercise program for you based on your injury history and much more.

2.) The exercises can be performed at home with no equipment (great for telehealth appointments!) or in the clinic using the reformer and/or other props.

3.) Both Pilates and Yoga incorporate breath work and body awareness to promote better movement with minimal impact, leaving you feeling relaxed, but productive after a session.

4.) Exercises are targeted at improving strength and flexibility to reduce pain and improve function with daily activities.

5.) Your therapist can instruct you in your form and modifications to incorporate into your ongoing Pilates or Yoga practice.

If you are interested in learning more about MPT and how we incorporate Pilates and Yoga into our treatment sessions, contact us below.

We look forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals.
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