Heidi Batchelder, MSPT

​After graduating from University of New England in 2005 with her Master of Physical Therapy degree, Heidi Batchelder has practiced in outpatient clinics in Maine, New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. Heidi worked at Midtown Physical Therapy from 2011-2012. She was disappointed when she had to leave because of a job opportunity for her husband that brought them to New England. After a hiatus, Heidi is so excited and grateful for an opportunity to return to the practice that has always felt like home. She values the holistic, individualized care that Midtown Physical Therapy provides.

Heidi uses an evidence-based and patient-centered approach in helping her patients achieve their personal goals. She values building a relationship with her patients and is passionate about helping people move and feel better. Heidi has developed a lifelong interest in wellness and movement. She is a Certified Functional Strength Coach, Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist, and a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner. She is dedicated to taking regular continuing education classes including multiple courses from the Postural Restoration Institute.

Postural Restoration is a holistic treatment technique based on addressing imbalances in the human body that are created from our naturally asymmetrical design. Having imbalances over time can lead to developing certain movement patterns. When these patterns persist throughout our daily movements including walking, sitting, sleeping, running, and breathing, they can lead to pain, stress, and decreased tolerance to participating in desired activities. Heidi takes the time to assess these patterns in each patient and incorporates manual techniques, individualized exercise programs, and education in a comprehensive approach to treat patient’s pain and limitations. Since incorporating Postural Restoration techniques, Heidi has found a lot of success in effectively and efficiently treating her patients.

Heidi became a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist early on in her career. She has found that addressing the way people are moving both in and out of the clinic especially with repetitive activities, including working at a computer or workstation is essential in helping people move, work, and play better.

Heidi currently lives in southern Maine with her husband and yellow lab, Lucy. She enjoys participating in all the outdoor activities offered around the state including hiking, biking, and frequent trips to the beach.

Heidi Batchelder

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